Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Morgan the puppy.

My puppy arrived three weeks ago from today, so he is 9 weeks old by the time I'm writing this.
My brothers and I always wanted a dog, and we had like two but one was stolen the first week we got it, and the other one was given to my brother with some sickness that he just lasted a day...
Now that one of my brothers is not longer living with us and the other one travels a lot because of his job, life decided to give us a puppy.
My dad's assistant offer him a puppy from his dog and he knew how much we wanted it, so he say yes.
A few years back, my mom was super picky and she was always cleaning, she was a psycho, but she has changed because really, I never in my life would imagined my neat, tidy mom to hug a dog and give kisses to it.
So yeah, he finally arrived and we (well, actually me) decided to call him Morgan, like Morgan Freeman, because that man is great and his voice too.

The first 3 days were pretty difficult, her cheeks were always wet and he wasn't playing at all when Pitbull puppies are known for biting everything.
It was hard for me too, I never had to take care of other living being, especially a baby, I had such bad anxiety that I literally was nervous all the time and I would cried because I was feeling with a lot of pressure, I even couldn't sleep well.
My entire family were and are so helpful, they never leave the responsibility of Morgan just to me but I'm crazy, and sometimes you can't control anxiety.

Then he started being happy and I started being happy too.
We all love him a lot, seriously, I never imagined my mom being so lovely with a dog, I'm telling you!

Morgan is growing up like crazy. We bought him this blue sweater for the cold weather and it was fitting him perfect, two weeks later and he wears it like a crop top, what a fashionista!
Mom and I look at him and feel sad, we want to keep him little forever, because I swear everyday I see him even bigger, and he's my baby, moms don't want their babies to grow up.

Like I said, this is my first pet, the other two came when I was a kiddo so I don't remember much, I would really appreciate if you guys know about puppys, specially Pit Bulls, to share some tips. 

Thanks for reading, Morgan appreciates it. 

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