Friday, 26 December 2014

| Christmas 2014 |

I'm tired and I don't feel like writing or doing something because this past 3 days I have been like crazy preparing everything for Christmas.
First, I decided to make a 4 layer naked cake, and then I felt like doing cookies for everyone in my family, and it sounds not so hard but my gosh, it was stressful and painful (my heels know about that).
Those cookies were a lot of work, but it was fine because when I gave it to my family they were happy and they compliment me and who doesn't like compliments, even if you think you don't like them, you do. 

I want to show you the "naked cake" that wasn't that naked, but who cares because that cream cheese frosting turned out amazing!
I'm in love with simple cakes, I find them way more pretty than those super decorated fondant cakes, no, they're not for me at all.
At first I was only going to frost the outside of the cake by the spreads of the sides, but it didn't turn out right, so I made more frosting to cover it like a normal cake but I didn't like it... so then my brother saw what I was trying to do, and he help me to scrape the sides and leave it a little bit more naked, I guess, so thanks brother.

My older brother also came to visit, he wasn't supposed to, but at the end he did, it was great, I bet he had a great time because he, my other brother and my dad had a really happy hour at 4:00 AM and they were talking about life, with so much happiness on their words!
Here's a picture of him and I, oh and my other sibling in the back. The funny thing is that I didn't consume any alcohol (because the tiny little gulps that the aunties give you mean nothing, okay) but I'm still looking loaded. Anyways, I'm sharing it with you because I like to embarrass myself.

I hope you had a great Christmas and if you don't celebrated, that's sad.
See you later!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dear Life || 2

I just happened to read my last and actually first Dear Life, and I noticed that every time I attend to write one of these, I'm on my period. Probably periods put me in a thoughtful mood.
So here I am, out of the shower at night because it supposed that today was a gym day but I wasn't feeling it.
I wake up at 7:30 am and decided that I was not doing it, then sleep again until 12 something and started cleaning my room and being actually productive, but you know, period cramps, so I took some pills and I sleep agaiiin until 3 pm..... not so proud of that.

The highlight of my day was this little human. I'm not a kid person at all, but this child (who happens to be my nephew) melts my heart, he is a blessed kiddo. 
I'm eternally happy because he lay down on my chest, I hugged him and in a matter of seconds, literally, just in seconds, he felt asleep. (Insert heart eyes emoji here because that's how I'm felling)

You know what, I should be embarrassed of spending my winter vacations on my house all day, but I enjoy it like you can't imagine. I love being in my pyjamas all day and doing pretty much nothing.
Nothing is more like thinking about my blog, the one that you are reading in this moment, and in my "cake business" and in boys I guess, but who really cares about them, they're nasty, right?
Specially now that the holidays are arriving, me and my mom are looking forward to the weekend to rent some Christmas movies because that's what we basic people do. 

I also did this thing called "Brainstorming". I'm sure most of you know what it is, but if you don't, well you're hella dumb... Joking, basically you set a timer, in my case I set up 10 minutes, and in those minutes I have to write any ideas that come throw my mind, without carrying if they're stupid, because that's the beauty of it, letting your creativity flow, no obstacles engaged.
I loved it, and I'm definitely doing this more frequently.

Anyways, that was my day.
Here I leave you this song that you probably have already heard, but anyways its good and when I was watching the movie I almost cried because if you have read the books you know that feelings like to shine:

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Putting a Christmas tree.

Let me start by telling you that I love everything Christmas related, so yes, I love putting the Christmas tree. The thing is that this year my house will not have any Christmas decorations because we are kind of moving and moms tend to be annoying sometimes and mine says that she doesn't wants to deal with packing the Christmas stuff too.
So here we are, putting my aunt Christmas Tree because she is out of town and she ask us to do this favour for her, but actually, she is doing me the favour...

I just fell in love with her tree, because look at it, it has snow, fake, but it looks great.
It was a great evening with my mom thought, we listened Christmas songs while putting it, because we are that cliche.

Monday, 1 December 2014


For me, creativity is a powerful word. It means that your brain is doing the right thing, I guess.
Everybody born with this ability, and everybody decide what to do with it.
I decided that I want to use it, I want to explode it, and I want to developed it so much that people remember me because of what I create.
It's hard, scary, and sometimes I find myself worried because of the fear of not creating.
That's a huge reason why I started this blog, I want to see what my imagination is capable of.

I love creative people, they put a smile on my face, I love how they take their time to come up with something amazing, with something inspiring. I love them so much that one day I hope to be surrounded by them, to have the opportunity to live with someone like that, to fall in love with someone with a priceless brain.

I find little acts of creativeness the most beautiful. For example: an ordinary post about anything but with a message, or a meaning, or maybe a video that is so well made because you can see the effort that has been put in it, not how much money they had spent on a camera or an editing program, but the thing they're trying to gift. Or maybe that drawing that your classmate made in the table with his not special at all pencil, the paints of a kid in the walls which makes moms get really mad but oh, the kid was full with creativity that he felt the necessity to trace it somewhere, that author that could write about how a guy brushing his teeth and you'd still be amazed because of his skills. Or just that stuff you saw, or heard, and made you think that you never could come up with such a fascinating idea.

Talented and creative people, please never die, we need you here.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Making Crepes with 3 Milks

Today I felt like sharing a recipe because why not. My mom loves, she seriously loves crepes but not just any crepes, she loves my crepes, I'm telling you.
I remember being a kid, my mom would always take me to this burros and strangely crepes place, and we loved it. They weren't just any crepes like everyone does, with nutella or peanut butter or any other filling, they came with 3 milk, it was heaven.
After trying those crepes my mom and I really couldn't find anything with that delightfulness, until I figured out.
I saw a bunch of crepes recipes, and I told my mom about it and she was extremely excited, so I made them for her, and for me of course, and let me tell you, I wasn't planing on dressing them with that 3 milk stuff, but my mom was doing the groceries for the ingredients and she also came with the 3 milk thingy.
At first I wasn't sure, I thought it wasn't going to be the same, I did it anyway and well... My mom ask for them every weekend.

Enough with the talking or writing... It's time to cook!

With this recipe you will make aprox. 6 large crepes and 12 medium-small ones (probably more)

For the crepes:

  • 1 cup of flour.
  • 1 1/4 cup of milk.
  • 2 eggs.
  • 2 tbs. of granulated sugar.
  • 2 tbs. of melted butter.
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla extract.

For the 3 milk:
  • Condensed milk.
  • Evaporated milk.
  • Heavy cream.

For the filling you can use nutella, caramel, fruit, anything you can think of you can put it on your crepe.


  1. Mix the flour and the sugar.
  2. Add in the eggs one at a time.
  3. Pour in the milk while whisking.
  4. Mix in the vanilla extract and melted butter.
  5. Let it rest in the fresh for 30 minutes. 

While your batter is resting, its time to mix the 3 milks!

  1. Use equal portions of your condensed, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. 
  2. Mix them with an electric mixer.
  3. You can add a tiny bit of vanilla, whatever your heart tells you to add. 
  4. Mix until everything is incorporated.

When your batter is good to go, just heat a pan and spray some oil or butter. Depending on the size of your pan, you add some batter and let it cook for 1 minute, then flip it and cook it for 20 more seconds.
A very important step in order to get good crepes its to pour the batter in the middle on the pan and move it around until it creates a skinny crepe. 

Finally, once your done cooking your crepes, you can fill them with anything you want.
I'm so basic that I adore mines with Nutella...

I highly recommend you to place your crepes on a low plate, so that way you can dressed them with lots of  milk.
My mom and I also love them with some crunchiness, like almonds and walnuts.

Next, you have to enjoy this marvellous crepes with your mom, dad, a friend or by yourself.
I'm getting hungry so I should stop writing this post.

Monday, 10 November 2014

My birthday // The presents

My birthday or probably one of the best days that I have lived at the moment just happened the past Monday, November 3rd.
I turned 17 but I still look like a 15 year old, boo.
Anyways, I always feel birthdays like normals days with a little twist, but not this year honey. I think I have been being a great human and life is recompensing me.
First, It was the contest that I was talking you about on my last post. I was a Catrina and my partner was my baeee. So we spent most of the day together, I had to put makeup on him so I got to touch his delightful face and we talk and I was in heaven.
Second, my family and friends. I know that they love me, but on that day I confirmed it, they were so lovely and I'm so grateful for them.
Then, it was cloudy as hell, my favourite weather so yeah!

I got some amazing presents, I got a lovely letter, lots of chocolates, hugs (one from my crush omg), and happiness.

I got a new camera OH MY GOSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH. I dind´t expect that at all, It was a gift from my brother, my mom told me that was a tiny present and stuff, and when the time came, he started filming me because they knew that my surprise was going to be huge, and it freaking was.

I still can´t believe it. I started taking pictures of everything, ketchup bottles and stuff. My first photo is one of my dad smiling but he was on his pyjamas and well, I'm not a cruel daughter so I'm not going to upload it to the internet...

I'm one lucky person, because I have people with me that actually love me, and that feels so great!

I got this from my brother's girlfriend, she is a sweetheart, a sweetheart that knows how much I love baking, so she got me this lovely apron, I'm so in love with it.

then I got this amazing book that I'm sure most of you know, because it is a pretty epic book:

which is Wreck This Journal but oh well I live in a Latin place so it is in Spanish but you already noticed that...
The special thing about this gift is that I only told my friend that I wanted this book once, just once, and she remembered it, she went out and ordered for me (cause it was out of stock). 
I have some pretty wonderful friends, right?

Anyways, that's it, just sharing with you my happiness and thankfulness.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Dear Life || 1

Today, October 26th, I have been pretty thoughtful, but not in a good, creative way, I been thinking about "that boy" and ugh, it's a pain in my pride.
I know I'm only 17 (well, almost) but that's the reason why it hurts, because I have never experience having a crush on someone that is not a celebrity. Well I actually had, but it still hurts because no one has showed the same for me and it sucks a little bit...
Oh, and it's that time of the month, pretty awful right?
Mom wants me to go out with her and that's probably what I should do, but I don't feel like putting clothes on.
The good news is that I did my homework. A round of applause for me for showing a tiny interest in school. (I sound like a really bad student which I am but I am not, you feel me?)

Also, let me talk you about something pretty amazing, I'm going to be a Catrina for my school, which is like the mexican death, and we celebrated on November 2nd, the name of the holliday is Día de los muertos, or Day of the Dead, and I did practise because well, doing homework all day is definitely not my thing...


Anyway, it's kind of a bad day, so I know that tomorrow will be a great.
Thanks life, for gifting me another day.

Oh, and here I leave you this song, which is amazing, it's a cover by Carrie Fletcher but I like it way more than the original #sorrynotsorry

Periods shouldn't exist, I completely blame it for my not so marvellous mood.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Saying yes and giving your life a little change

On the past Saturday I had this bonfire night with some "friends". I'm actually only friends with the host and with other girl, the other ones are just classmates that I don't really talk to.
But anyways, I wanted to go because the boy that I like was going and because I don't go out as much, so it was great to change my air a little bit. The thing is that I was tremendously nervous, I have anxiety so yeah, going out its a challenge.
I knew I had to go because it was going to benefit me, but I thought I couldn't got this all by myself, so I invited this friend of mine but and the end she got another compromise, still, I was determined to go to that bonfire even when my mind was killing me with stupid thoughts.
The thing is, friends, that yes, I ended up going and it was pretty lame. It wasn't really a bonfire, it was a BBQ roaster and nobody was eating marshmallows, it was a pinch of teens drinking and smoking and pretending that they're cool, or something.
I don't drink or smoke, I just don't like the taste of it, so I went with a vitamin juice because my mum pick it up for me and well, some guys made jokes about how that juice is for hangovers, which made me laugh because... it was funny to me.

Oh and yes, the guy that I like was there and he looked damn fine, but he was more interested in his beer that in anything else.
I was nervous, but I decided to spend a little bit more time so things could get smoother, and they kind of did.
Everything was so boring, that kind of stuff it's not my kind of stuff, at all, so I called my parents at a prudent hour, so I didn't seem desperate to get out of there, and they came because they're really the best parents in the world, they even texted me right before they leave me to check if I was okay.

I didn't have the time of my life, I actually would be happier watching movies in my room, but either way, I was and I'm happy because finally I got out of my comfort zone and  did something different, and I didn't like it at all but now I can say that I don't liked it because I freaking did it.
 I'm disappointed because the guy that I liked is such a smoking pipe and kind of a douche bag but if i hadn't gone I'll still be attracted to him and ugh, girl, I deserve better.

I hope you guys say yes to opportunities, and if they don't turned out as good as you thought they could, at least you got a story to tell.

Monday, 6 October 2014

My business, my weekend

I think I said it on past posts, I'm pretty sure I did, but if you didn't read them, I said that I love baking, and I love it so much that I made it my "business".
Right now its not a big deal, its tiny tiny but I just started, anyway, I adore everything about it.
I enjoy the cooking, the baking, the decorating, and the photos! (except having to wash everything after I finished).
Unfortunately, I get to do all of this only on the weekends, and not all of them. I go to school on the afternoons so my mornings are pretty short and my nights are for homework and sleep. {more sleep than homework but that's how it is}.
So I thought it will be a great idea to show you guys what my baking weekends consist on, because I don't know, maybe you actually care, or not... I guess it's a good idea to show you guys that you can do something worth it with your life at a young age.

I spent my Saturday afternoon on doing the groceries for the ingredients that I was lacking of, and then at night I baked the cupcakes, wish were pumpkin, caramel, and cinnamon.
I'm doing this thing on my business page, kinda like a Starbucks tradition, where I introduce some "special edition" because of fall, and these flavours are pretty autumn for me.

I baked 6 of each cause I don't like to do a lot of them, because you gotta keep the shape girrrrrrrrrrrl. My family and I taste them out to see if they're good and then we give some away to friends and the grandma. I take advantage to take some pictures for the page and to have a good time. Taking pictures is a hobby of mine, I love preparing the background and playing with the light {sometime it's a pain in the butt, I'm not gonna lie}, editing it's a great one too.

I take inspiration for my photos out of I don't now where.
Sometimes I really have to focus and think about what I want to transmit with my pictures, and some days I just grab my cellphone, put a little table with random stuff that I found around my house while I was being lame and boom! My pics are ready.

Like this pictures you have here. I didn't plan them. I just took some books from my brother's room and some of my mom's napkins and ta-da. Oh, but for the cinnamon ones my brain was being lazy and I just grabbed whole cinnamon and a cardboard, and actually I liked those photos a lot.

And last but not least, yes, I took all of my photos with my cellphone. That's why they're not that great, but I think I'm doing a decent work for the moment.

This is how the other pictures turned out:

That is it. I really hope this post was helpful and made you think about exploiting your talents, and if not, at least I hope my cupcakes are of your liking.
Goodbye, people.

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