Monday, 13 October 2014

Saying yes and giving your life a little change

On the past Saturday I had this bonfire night with some "friends". I'm actually only friends with the host and with other girl, the other ones are just classmates that I don't really talk to.
But anyways, I wanted to go because the boy that I like was going and because I don't go out as much, so it was great to change my air a little bit. The thing is that I was tremendously nervous, I have anxiety so yeah, going out its a challenge.
I knew I had to go because it was going to benefit me, but I thought I couldn't got this all by myself, so I invited this friend of mine but and the end she got another compromise, still, I was determined to go to that bonfire even when my mind was killing me with stupid thoughts.
The thing is, friends, that yes, I ended up going and it was pretty lame. It wasn't really a bonfire, it was a BBQ roaster and nobody was eating marshmallows, it was a pinch of teens drinking and smoking and pretending that they're cool, or something.
I don't drink or smoke, I just don't like the taste of it, so I went with a vitamin juice because my mum pick it up for me and well, some guys made jokes about how that juice is for hangovers, which made me laugh because... it was funny to me.

Oh and yes, the guy that I like was there and he looked damn fine, but he was more interested in his beer that in anything else.
I was nervous, but I decided to spend a little bit more time so things could get smoother, and they kind of did.
Everything was so boring, that kind of stuff it's not my kind of stuff, at all, so I called my parents at a prudent hour, so I didn't seem desperate to get out of there, and they came because they're really the best parents in the world, they even texted me right before they leave me to check if I was okay.

I didn't have the time of my life, I actually would be happier watching movies in my room, but either way, I was and I'm happy because finally I got out of my comfort zone and  did something different, and I didn't like it at all but now I can say that I don't liked it because I freaking did it.
 I'm disappointed because the guy that I liked is such a smoking pipe and kind of a douche bag but if i hadn't gone I'll still be attracted to him and ugh, girl, I deserve better.

I hope you guys say yes to opportunities, and if they don't turned out as good as you thought they could, at least you got a story to tell.

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