Monday, 27 October 2014

Dear Life || 1

Today, October 26th, I have been pretty thoughtful, but not in a good, creative way, I been thinking about "that boy" and ugh, it's a pain in my pride.
I know I'm only 17 (well, almost) but that's the reason why it hurts, because I have never experience having a crush on someone that is not a celebrity. Well I actually had, but it still hurts because no one has showed the same for me and it sucks a little bit...
Oh, and it's that time of the month, pretty awful right?
Mom wants me to go out with her and that's probably what I should do, but I don't feel like putting clothes on.
The good news is that I did my homework. A round of applause for me for showing a tiny interest in school. (I sound like a really bad student which I am but I am not, you feel me?)

Also, let me talk you about something pretty amazing, I'm going to be a Catrina for my school, which is like the mexican death, and we celebrated on November 2nd, the name of the holliday is Día de los muertos, or Day of the Dead, and I did practise because well, doing homework all day is definitely not my thing...


Anyway, it's kind of a bad day, so I know that tomorrow will be a great.
Thanks life, for gifting me another day.

Oh, and here I leave you this song, which is amazing, it's a cover by Carrie Fletcher but I like it way more than the original #sorrynotsorry

Periods shouldn't exist, I completely blame it for my not so marvellous mood.

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