Monday, 29 September 2014

My Goals

I believe that we should have more goals than dreams, because when I think of the word "dream" I think of something that it's just in our heads, something that we don't really know how to make it real.
That's why I say I have more goals than dreams. I know I can reach them, I can make them happen.
So today I felt like sharing this with you, and it is a big deal for me because God knows how much I keep my goals in private, its just something that I can't stop doing.

I want to be on YouTube. That has been my goal since I don't know when, even since I started showing interest on this blogging thing. But life is being hard with me on this moment, so I can't have a precious marvellous camera, and a lot of boring things that you probably don't care about.

I want to have a job that doesn't feel like one, every person dreams, right? But mine is a goal... [winky face].

I want to have my own apartment, in another place, other country, other continent. I want to be independent. Now, this is probably gonna sound weird, but I'm really excited about buying my own groceries and doing all the things that lonely people do.

I want to learn so freaking much. I'm currently learning Italian and I'm fascinated. I want to know as much as my mind alloweds me to. I want to read tons of books and transform my room into piles of pages.

I want to find the man that loves me. I want him to look at me thinking that I'm indeed not perfect, but I'm goddamn worth it.

This is a crazy one. I want to have 5 kids... And no, I am not really into kids, but they're going to be mine so I'm gonna love them....

I want to make great friends, those ones that you are just like "Thanks heaven for sending me this amazing creature".

I want to get far in this blogging situation.

I want to explore. I found a picture the other day and it says "I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world". I love it so much that I have had it as my screensaver for a long time. 

That is everything I'm sharing today.
I'm not saying that you can't have dreams, I'm saying that you should do the best that you can, and believe in yourself, and you should know that you're capable of anything.


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