Monday, 6 October 2014

My business, my weekend

I think I said it on past posts, I'm pretty sure I did, but if you didn't read them, I said that I love baking, and I love it so much that I made it my "business".
Right now its not a big deal, its tiny tiny but I just started, anyway, I adore everything about it.
I enjoy the cooking, the baking, the decorating, and the photos! (except having to wash everything after I finished).
Unfortunately, I get to do all of this only on the weekends, and not all of them. I go to school on the afternoons so my mornings are pretty short and my nights are for homework and sleep. {more sleep than homework but that's how it is}.
So I thought it will be a great idea to show you guys what my baking weekends consist on, because I don't know, maybe you actually care, or not... I guess it's a good idea to show you guys that you can do something worth it with your life at a young age.

I spent my Saturday afternoon on doing the groceries for the ingredients that I was lacking of, and then at night I baked the cupcakes, wish were pumpkin, caramel, and cinnamon.
I'm doing this thing on my business page, kinda like a Starbucks tradition, where I introduce some "special edition" because of fall, and these flavours are pretty autumn for me.

I baked 6 of each cause I don't like to do a lot of them, because you gotta keep the shape girrrrrrrrrrrl. My family and I taste them out to see if they're good and then we give some away to friends and the grandma. I take advantage to take some pictures for the page and to have a good time. Taking pictures is a hobby of mine, I love preparing the background and playing with the light {sometime it's a pain in the butt, I'm not gonna lie}, editing it's a great one too.

I take inspiration for my photos out of I don't now where.
Sometimes I really have to focus and think about what I want to transmit with my pictures, and some days I just grab my cellphone, put a little table with random stuff that I found around my house while I was being lame and boom! My pics are ready.

Like this pictures you have here. I didn't plan them. I just took some books from my brother's room and some of my mom's napkins and ta-da. Oh, but for the cinnamon ones my brain was being lazy and I just grabbed whole cinnamon and a cardboard, and actually I liked those photos a lot.

And last but not least, yes, I took all of my photos with my cellphone. That's why they're not that great, but I think I'm doing a decent work for the moment.

This is how the other pictures turned out:

That is it. I really hope this post was helpful and made you think about exploiting your talents, and if not, at least I hope my cupcakes are of your liking.
Goodbye, people.

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