Monday, 10 November 2014

My birthday // The presents

My birthday or probably one of the best days that I have lived at the moment just happened the past Monday, November 3rd.
I turned 17 but I still look like a 15 year old, boo.
Anyways, I always feel birthdays like normals days with a little twist, but not this year honey. I think I have been being a great human and life is recompensing me.
First, It was the contest that I was talking you about on my last post. I was a Catrina and my partner was my baeee. So we spent most of the day together, I had to put makeup on him so I got to touch his delightful face and we talk and I was in heaven.
Second, my family and friends. I know that they love me, but on that day I confirmed it, they were so lovely and I'm so grateful for them.
Then, it was cloudy as hell, my favourite weather so yeah!

I got some amazing presents, I got a lovely letter, lots of chocolates, hugs (one from my crush omg), and happiness.

I got a new camera OH MY GOSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH. I dind´t expect that at all, It was a gift from my brother, my mom told me that was a tiny present and stuff, and when the time came, he started filming me because they knew that my surprise was going to be huge, and it freaking was.

I still can´t believe it. I started taking pictures of everything, ketchup bottles and stuff. My first photo is one of my dad smiling but he was on his pyjamas and well, I'm not a cruel daughter so I'm not going to upload it to the internet...

I'm one lucky person, because I have people with me that actually love me, and that feels so great!

I got this from my brother's girlfriend, she is a sweetheart, a sweetheart that knows how much I love baking, so she got me this lovely apron, I'm so in love with it.

then I got this amazing book that I'm sure most of you know, because it is a pretty epic book:

which is Wreck This Journal but oh well I live in a Latin place so it is in Spanish but you already noticed that...
The special thing about this gift is that I only told my friend that I wanted this book once, just once, and she remembered it, she went out and ordered for me (cause it was out of stock). 
I have some pretty wonderful friends, right?

Anyways, that's it, just sharing with you my happiness and thankfulness.

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