Friday, 2 January 2015

Cheesy New Year

"This will be my year"
"Everything it's gonna change"
"I'm gonna be better"
I have been reading negative things about what the new year was going to bring, more specific, those types of comments about losing weight in 2015 and being a nicer person. Everyone is like "you will go to the gym and you will quit at the next week".

New Year is cheesy, but it give us hope, hope for a better life, most of the times.
It's cheesy but I personally think that it's brilliant. We are humans, sometimes we need to feel that we can change, and yes you could change even on the middle of November, but again, most of us like cheesy, cliche stuff, (even hipsters love something mainstream, they do but they won't tell you).

Hope is the last thing to die. I'm an example because every year I'm like "this year a boy is going to be interested in me" and well, that didn't happen yet but it will, it has to happen because I can't be single for the rest of my life, I hope... I mean, I'm not that bad looking.

So, Dear 2015, I'm excited for you, because this is a new beginning and who cares if I'll be single until 2025, I'm all about making my life as worth it as possible, saying goodbye to the good and bad memories of last year and make new ones, and I sound hella cheesy but whatever, because I like that, I like cheesy resolutions that promise that we can be whoever we want to be, I like to be cheesy sometimes and make myself feel better and actually try to be better.

Go ahead and be cheesy, and hang your resolutions in the wall, go to the gym for a week and brag about it, eat your salad and then go home to eat chocolates too, do what makes you happy and what it's going to make your year priceless.

Okay, that's all, bye.

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