Monday, 1 December 2014


For me, creativity is a powerful word. It means that your brain is doing the right thing, I guess.
Everybody born with this ability, and everybody decide what to do with it.
I decided that I want to use it, I want to explode it, and I want to developed it so much that people remember me because of what I create.
It's hard, scary, and sometimes I find myself worried because of the fear of not creating.
That's a huge reason why I started this blog, I want to see what my imagination is capable of.

I love creative people, they put a smile on my face, I love how they take their time to come up with something amazing, with something inspiring. I love them so much that one day I hope to be surrounded by them, to have the opportunity to live with someone like that, to fall in love with someone with a priceless brain.

I find little acts of creativeness the most beautiful. For example: an ordinary post about anything but with a message, or a meaning, or maybe a video that is so well made because you can see the effort that has been put in it, not how much money they had spent on a camera or an editing program, but the thing they're trying to gift. Or maybe that drawing that your classmate made in the table with his not special at all pencil, the paints of a kid in the walls which makes moms get really mad but oh, the kid was full with creativity that he felt the necessity to trace it somewhere, that author that could write about how a guy brushing his teeth and you'd still be amazed because of his skills. Or just that stuff you saw, or heard, and made you think that you never could come up with such a fascinating idea.

Talented and creative people, please never die, we need you here.

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